The Beginning / My journey so far

You can call me an aspiring Photographer or a Filmmaker. I begin this photo blog as I see my dreams of becoming a Professional Photographer unfold into reality in the days to come. Photography has always been an uncontrollable desire and a desperate need to present the fragmented world in a better picture, to join the bits & pieces and see & showcase better. This blog will be one of my first step in turning this passion, desire and need to a Professional reality.

As I started off with my first DSLR, I was fascinated by how light played an important role in deciding the outcome of anything and everything. I fell in love, I kept on experimenting and just could not get enough of it. Not only it opened my eyes to the world, but it also changed the way I see the world around me. The shapes, colors, expressions, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers everything looked completely different through the lens. The beauty of adding more details to every picture accelerated the aspiration in me to discover more. The difference what a fraction of a second can do to a picture continues to amaze me.

Photography perfectly complements my wanderlust and has only motivated me to travel more. In hunt of pictures, photography has taken me to different places and given me innumerable experiences. In such a short time, photography or filmmaking for that matter, has exposed me to so many emotions and experiences. There’s always an overwhelming joy behind every click. Though nothing can beat the beauty of nature, I dare to compete and when I lose, I’m happy anyway because of the fact that Photography has led me to discover such beauty in nature that can never be captured but only felt. I nevertheless continue to compete.

I have encountered many things even before I officially begin my journey and I can’t stop obsessing over what lies ahead. So, here I am on this road to my photography journey, consumed by the thoughts of what future holds for me.

See you out there.


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